Free Yoga Classes in London — Our Favourites

free yoga classes in london
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One of the great things about London is the hidden gems that can be found amidst the high-rise glittering metropolis. The delis tucked away in the back alleys of Southwark, the film clubs run from the living room of a South London movie buff and, perhaps the most joyous of all, the free yoga classes hidden away in shops and centres dotted all over the map.

If you’re reading this, you’re already probably of the opinion that yoga is vital to your physical and mental health, so why should you have to forego it when you are in-between jobs, saving for that next life step or just generally, strapped for cash? Well you don’t have to– because we have rounded up our favourite free yoga classes around the city so that your yoga routine doesn’t have to stop when the direct debits start. Money doesn’t make the world go round, yoga does!

Our Pick of Free Yoga Classes

1. LuluLemon

You may have spent copious amounts of time during your yoga-practicing-years browsing the shelves and rails of this popular sports clothing store but have you ever thought about pushing aside the ‘End of Season Sale’ rack and stretching out on the floor? Well why not try it — with a weekly, completely complimentary, in-store yoga class!

Guided by expert local teachers, all over London, you’ll be able to unfurl your mat in the midst of your chosen store and spend 60-minutes stretching and relaxing. LuluLemon put great emphasis on creating a community outside of a simple shopping experience and aside from free yoga classes you can also get involved with festivals and retreats. Never believed you’d be able to leave a LuluLemon store having not spent a penny? Well believe it! Sign up here.

2. SahajaYoga

free yoga classes in london
Image Credit: Evan Lovely on Flickr.

With free classes running every day all over London, from Chelsea to Harrow, Sahaja Yoga is on a mission to help awaken the energy that is trapped inside of you. A mixture of yoga and meditation to help realign and ground you, the variety of times and venues, means that whether you want to start your week off right or de-stress at the end of it, you’ll find something to suit. your needs

These restorative classes may be a little different to what you are used to, with no actual asanas used, just sitting in order to achieve ‘yoga’. As your mind and nervous system slow in time with your breath you’ll be able to really connect with your inner self and what manifests is a spontaneous, effortless natural happiness.

We know it’s not your usual evening Hatha Yoga practice but it costs nothing, so why not give it a go? Find a list of classes here.

3. LightCentre Moorgate

The Light Centre in Moorgate is a health and wellbeing centre offering over sixty different classes weekly, from mindfulness to Pilates-Reformer classes as well as a variety of different health therapies. A haven of relaxation in the midst of the city, one of the things we love most about this centre is that you can try it out totally free of charge.

With ‘Breakfast Club’ classes to suit the early-riser, 75-minute Vinyasa Flow classes and weekly beginners’ classes, all levels and all schedules are welcome. We love that you can grab a rejuvenating snack after your class here too – a green juice for the road or a fruit pot to devour (smugly) at your desk. Sign up for your free class here.

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4. Sweaty Betty

Putting a new meaning to the phrase, ‘working out in Sweaty Betty’, the free yoga classes here can be booked in advance and taught by certified experts. The only catch is that you have to sign up to become a member but don’t we all have five minutes to spare for 60-minutes of free fitness?

We suggest you’re quick though as the word has gotten out about the Sweaty little secret and classes tend to get booked up quite quickly. Find out whether your nearest store could become your newest workout venue here.

5. Essence of Good Health

free yoga classes in london
Image Credit: Antanas Kaziliūnas on Flickr.

With a real belief that no one should be exempt from the benefits of yoga, Essence of Good Health Yoga has been providing free hatha yoga classes for over 15 years. A real mixture of levels attend these two-hour classes and a sense of community and care is present throughout.

A gentle warm up and an hour of asanas is followed by half an hour of pranayama and guided relaxation to ensure that you leave feeling as good as possible. A bootcamp for the body and mind (in the gentlest sense) can be expected, along with a warm welcome and loads of attention — there is usually more than one teacher to make sure that every one gets the help and guidance they need.

As the classes are run free of charge, donations are welcome and most who attend give around £2 to help fund this worthwhile project. They are held once a week on a Monday in Croydon from 7-9pm at: The Archbishop Lanfranc School Mitcham Road Croydon Surrey CR9 3AS.

6. London Buddhist Centre

Not strictly free, but by donation (which is still very cheap!), the London Buddhist Centre in Bethnal Green runs classes on Monday and Friday lunchtimes and early evenings throughout the week. Classes are drop in and mats are provided.


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