A Yoga Class With The Kids

As part of her yoga and parenting series, Poppy Pickles decided to do a proper kids yoga lesson with her two children. After her daughter’s recent complaint that she didn’t like yoga, because it kept taking her Mummy away from spending time with her, Poppy took a different approach. This is what happened… Over the past six years, yoga has taken me on a journey to myself. Going on a yoga teacher training course has accelerated that journey and sometimes the parts of myself I get to see aren’t all that perfect.  But it has given me so much, not least a way of turning my ideas on their head

Let Yoga Take Care of YOU this Christmas

Yoga is a fantastic way to tune back into yourself, especially over the Christmas period when over-indulgence and stress can run high. Here Poppy Pickles delves into some yoga techniques for self-care at Christmas. As the darkness of midwinter encroaches, the barometer plunges and the trees have shed all but a few leaves. We start to feel the natural, animal urge to cosy up, stay indoors and wind down our summer energy. There is a scientific reason for our instinctive behaviour. Due to our warm-blooded nature, the plummeting temperatures mean that our bodies have to work harder to maintain homeostasis (our constant body temperature).  Plus, the cold weather puts stress

Yoga and Parenting: Learning from our kids

In this new monthly series on yoga and parenting, Poppy Pickles explores how being a parent affects our yoga and vice versa.  In this blog, Poppy explores how our children’s often irritating behaviour can actually give us a new, helpful perspective on our yoga practice. Most of us mothers are stuck in the role of ‘bad cop’.  In my house I am the one who switches the screens off, who says no to the extra biscuit, who says, ‘Right, it’s time for bed.’ And so on.  I am the harbinger of moderation and order. The role of mother demands it really. I know plenty of happy-go-lucky girls that swore that

21st Century Yogi Teacher Tech

Are you the techno-yogi who knows their Bluetooth from their NFD? Do you call up your class playlist from the ether with a swift gesture above their digital assistant who hangs on your every Sanskrit syllable? High Tech Tools for Yoga Teachers So what tools can the modern yoga teacher use to help them? Are there high tech answers to those niggling problems we encounter? How do we fill our class with students inspired and ready to learn or do we even step into the virtual? One of my previous articles looked at apps available on IOS, Microsoft and android devices for students of yoga in general. Here we dig

How to Keep Your Sequencing Fresh

The art of sequencing your yoga classes is to make them work for both your students and you, the teacher. As yoga teachers we give of ourselves, and often those that are drawn to teaching yoga are those who naturally want to share and help others. However, this can come at a cost to your own physical and emotional energy reserves. So, how can we sequence a week’s worth of classes while keeping it fresh for the students as well as making sure that we stay fresh as teachers? Fresh Doesn’t Mean New The key mistake that newly qualified teachers make is to think that every single class has to