A Yoga Class With The Kids

As part of her yoga and parenting series, Poppy Pickles decided to do a proper kids yoga lesson with her two children. After her daughter’s recent complaint that she didn’t like yoga, because it kept taking her Mummy away from spending time with her, Poppy took a different approach. This is what happened… Over the past six years, yoga has taken me on a journey to myself. Going on a yoga teacher training course has accelerated that journey and sometimes the parts of myself I get to see aren’t all that perfect.  But it has given me so much, not least a way of turning my ideas on their head

Tapas New Year!

New Year’s Resolutions, remember those? We’re a month into 2017 already, approaching the point where good intentions might be starting to ebb. So here’s how the yogic practice of tapas, the yogic ethos of ‘fiery cleansing’, can re-energise your efforts to bring your aspirations to fruition, and invigorate you, inside out. Forget New Year’s Resolutions. And maybe allow those small plates of delicious Spanish food to take a side step for a moment… (you can have them back later) while we look at how an ancient yogic practice can help bring you closer to realising your highest self. New Year, Same Old You? The start of a new year is

Applying the lessons of pregnancy yoga into our practice

Poppy Pickles recalls her introduction to yoga through antenatal yoga, and reflects that the lessons she learnt then are still useful in her practice today.  From the beginnings of getting to know her body from the inside out, to the practical implications post-pregnancy, many lessons can be learned from pregnancy yoga.  The very first yoga class I ever attended was a pregnancy yoga class. It was set in the crypt of a church and was a calm, safe space, guided by an experienced and caring teacher, Lolly Stirk, one of the founding members of Yogabirth. In those lessons the outside world receded, and I began to get in touch with

Yoga For Anxiety And Panic Attacks

In a world of ever-increasing anxiety, what does yoga have to offer? Nearly one in five people in the UK experienced anxiety in 2013-14, and record levels of anxiety are being reported in teenagers. So can yoga for anxiety and panic attacks really help, and if so, how? As most of us are aware, the mind and the body are not separable. Our conscious experience is fundamentally an embodied one. Different states of mind bring about different physiological states, while changes in our physiological state can have a profound effect on our state of mind. Anxiety is a physical and psychological phenomenon and as such, it can be significantly alleviated

Yoga and Parenting: Learning from our kids

In this new monthly series on yoga and parenting, Poppy Pickles explores how being a parent affects our yoga and vice versa.  In this blog, Poppy explores how our children’s often irritating behaviour can actually give us a new, helpful perspective on our yoga practice. Most of us mothers are stuck in the role of ‘bad cop’.  In my house I am the one who switches the screens off, who says no to the extra biscuit, who says, ‘Right, it’s time for bed.’ And so on.  I am the harbinger of moderation and order. The role of mother demands it really. I know plenty of happy-go-lucky girls that swore that