Yoga For Anxiety And Panic Attacks

In a world of ever-increasing anxiety, what does yoga have to offer? Nearly one in five people in the UK experienced anxiety in 2013-14, and record levels of anxiety are being reported in teenagers. So can yoga for anxiety and panic attacks really help, and if so, how? As most of us are aware, the mind and the body are not separable. Our conscious experience is fundamentally an embodied one. Different states of mind bring about different physiological states, while changes in our physiological state can have a profound effect on our state of mind. Anxiety is a physical and psychological phenomenon and as such, it can be significantly alleviated

Yoga As Medicine?

As mental health issues become more prevalent in our fast-paced society, many UK doctors are warming up to embracing yoga as a powerfully healing modality. Has it finally been given the kudos it deserves by Western medicine? We look at the huge potential of yoga being offered as a mainstream health practice in the treatment of conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression.  The State Of Our Mental Health     In our frenetic modern world, one in four people will experience a mental health problem during their lifetime. This is a commonly quoted statistic, but around the edges of it, many more people are finding it difficult to switch off from the

How to Keep Those Lower Ribs in Check

As yoga teachers we are always on the look out for flared lower ribs in our students. But do you really know what causes that hollowing of the upper abdomen and jutting ribs? I know I didn’t when I first started teaching yoga. Here’s why it happens and what you can do about it in your classes. What Exactly are Flared Ribs? It’s a really common verbal cue to lift the sternum and widen the collar bones in standing poses and back bends. What we really want here is for the student to broaden their upper chest and extend the thoracic spine a little hence gaining a lift of the

Neck Pain: Practising with It and How to Avoid It

Necks are amazing pieces of engineering. They are incredibly mobile yet support the head in a range of positions. Yoga can relieve neck pain or it can just as easily cause more problems. Do you know how to protect your students necks? Here’s what every yoga teacher should know about yoga and necks. The Building Blocks The neck, or cervical spine, is made up of seven bones, or vertebrae. These are piled one on top of each other with shock absorbing discs between each pair at all but two levels. This arrangement of bones and discs is one reason that the neck is so flexible — in fact it is the most flexible part

5 Yoga Poses To Alleviate Anxiety And Depression

Yoga is a powerful natural healer and has long been known to be particularly beneficial for easing the often debilitating symptoms of anxiety and depression. After all, its very essence is ‘chitti vritti nirodhah’ – to calm the fluctuations of the mind stuff. Gently taking the focus away from our overactive ‘monkey minds’ and into the physical body can be very useful for bringing a sense of calm and relief and allowing those experiencing the conditions to better navigate the challenges they face during periods of anxiety and depression. There are certain asanas that are particularly beneficial in soothing an agitated nervous system. By opening up our nadis (or energy