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Vinyasa flow yoga
Classes: SUNDAYS AT 10.30-11.30AM Join me for an energising vinyasa flow yoga class! We will be working towards core strength whilst allowing the body to develop
Posted by Franzi in London

Vinyasa flow yoga at lunch time!
Classes: WEDNESDAYS AT 12.30-1.15PM Join us for an energising lunch time yoga session. We will be working towards cultivating core strength whilst allowing the bo
Posted by Franzi in London

yoga basics 6 week course
Workshops: when: mondays 2 june – 7 july 2014 | 7.30 -8.30pm price: £90 We have a maximum of 6 places available on this course to ensure that everyone receives i
Posted by evolve wellness centre evolution in London

Hatha Flow- open level classes on Thursday evenings (Angel)
Classes: Emmy believes strongly in the transformative power of yoga and she teaches with good humour and openness. Her classes emphasise the use of breath and alignm
Posted by Emmy Watts in London

Hatha Flow- open level classes on Friday lunchtimes- Shoreditch
Classes: 1pm-1.55pm Friday lunchtimes This class is designed to refresh you at the end of the week. Classes are structured to maximise the benefits of a short yoga
Posted by Emmy Watts in London

heal yourself: yoga + reiki + mantra + breathwork
Workshops: From NYC to London, an international community for women on the rise! Looking for a community of open, kind and like-minded women who are creating more con
Posted by evolve wellness centre evolution in London

Mantra Lounge - Music mantra meditation
Classes: If you’d like a dose of soothing meditation and kirtan to start the weekend, join us for Mantra Lounge. In the intimate setting of Neal’s Yard, Covent Garde
Posted by Jai Murari in London

hatha flow, grow your own yoga to go deeper
Retreats: Join us for a life-enhancing Holiday of Yoga, relaxation, delicious food, and fun in the Sun. Our accommodation is set in a beautiful Oasis in the heart of
Posted by Joanne Ozden in Side

Luxury Yoga Retreat in Sicily Italy, 4–11 May 2014
Retreats: Join us on a luxury yoga holiday in Sicily near the lovely coastal town of Siracusa. We’ll practice yoga by the sea, stay at a 5* hotel with a private beach
Posted by Laura at Yoga Escapes in Sicily

mindfulness based stress reduction + well being
Retreats: Mindfulness offers you effective ways of managing stress, challenges and change…being focused. You learn to meet situations with clarity, compassion, choice
Posted by in London

spring cleansing – yoga, nutrition + lunch
Workshops: 11.15am-12.15pm yoga class at evolve wellness centre 12.15pm-2pm – nutrition + lunch at bumpkin (5 minute walk from evolve) Set aside a couple of hours,
Posted by in London

yoga basics 5 week course
Workshops: when:thursdays 3 april – 1 may 2014 | 6.15-7.15pm price: £75 We have a maximum of 6 places available on this course to ensure that everyone receives ind
Posted by evolve wellness centre in London

be love now: opening the heart through backbending
Workshops: In our society, we spend most of our time sitting, driving and hunched over a computer which takes a huge toll on our physical, emotional and spiritual bodi
Posted by in London

Weekly classes in Hatha Yoga - Wimbledon Village
Classes: Friendly yoga classes in Wimbledon Village. Sundays 10:00 – 11:30 Wednesdays 19:15 – 20:45 Classes feature a selection of the mo
Posted by Alex Reed in London

morning yoga+meditation
Classes: Chakra is the word for “wheel” in Sanskrit. There are 7 chakras suspended along the spinal column of our bodies. They are potent energy centres which govern
Posted by evolve wellness centre evolution in London

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Form and Technique and Finding
When I teach astanga vinyasa, I spend a lot of time talking about form and technique – about about the ‘how to’ aspects of the practice. How to align the bo...
by Ali Glenny

Yoga in Ibiza
We are just going out to Ibiza for some remedial spinal yoga therapy for a damaged lumbar and functional scoliosis, and some fun in the sun. Now in November...
by Jacqueline Purnell

A Day in the Life of a Trainee Teacher
A Training Day The training day will generally begin with morning asana practice. Depending on how early the start is (and how early you have to g...
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Is it Possible to Shed Extra Weight Doing Yoga?
It has long been accepted that yoga helps with flexibility, strength building, toning muscles, and boosting mental and physical functions. But yoga for weig...
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The Yoga Diet
Yoga practise and frequent exercise is only half the battle to optimised health… then comes the proper diet. Yoga places much emphasis on food; in fact, the...
by YogaLondon

Finding the Ideal Yoga Mat
A great feature of yoga is the little equipment required to practice and receive great results. In times of old, yoga was practiced on a small thin floor ma...
by YogaLondon

About 1 in 5 People in the UK Suffer from IBS
As many as 1 in 5 people in the UK suffer from a functional disorder called IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Its symptoms can include - but are not limited...
by YogaLondon

Natural Stress Management with Yoga
Could better stress management techniques help you? Do you want to learn how to increase your body’s own relaxation ability? And improve your life by gettin...
by Marion Ancker, Yogacircle

How to become a Yoga Teacher
It is generally accepted that in order to teach yoga you need three things: insurance, teaching certificate and accredited status from a yoga association. ...
by Rebecca Ffrench

Yoga Career Options
Teaching yoga is an increasingly popular profession and teachers are constantly in demand as more and more people take up practising. The workplace is not r...
by Anna Oldfield

Ayurveda and Yoga – Two Approaches To Life
Ayurveda and yoga have a long history together. The Vedic culture, dating back thousands of years, gave birth to a set of sciences including (in addition to...
by Anu Marie Paavola

Shad Darshana – The Six Philosophical Systems of Hinduism
From the foundations of the Ancient Vedic Texts grew the development of six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy. In contrast to the epic tales (Ramayana an...
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Dispelling the myths about yoga teachers
Yoga teachers are subject to many stereotypes, and everyone has been guilty of holding these preconceptions at some point. Because yoga is a lifestyle choic...
by Anna Oldfield

The Moon and your Yoga Practice
If you are familiar with ashtanga yoga, you've probably been cautioned against practicing yoga at the time of a full or new moon. This has little to do with...
by YogaLondon

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras - Different Perspectives
Many translations of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali have been made, each offerin...
by YogaLondon

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